Let’s go on an adventure...
Let’s go on an adventure...
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Just take a look inside this 9-in-1 survival kit.

Completed with several different tools that are almost all multifunctional, just after finding out about this you’re probably realizing how much money and time you would’ve wasted searching and buying each one individually. 

Well, it’s a good thing you stumbled upon this fully featured pack of equipment because this contains what every survivalist needs to stay alive and safe in the wild.

For one, it has a mini foldable knife for your everyday general needs. That needs no explanation. But what you’ll also find are unique tools that do a lot more than just one thing, like the army knife card and defense pen.

Whether you’re a survival expert or beginner, a set like this is hard to come by. Especially when everything is also safely packed and fitted inside a waterproof and shockproof storage box!


  • 9-in-1 Survival kit gives you more with less by carrying both essential and multifunctional tools
  • Contains a handheld saw, knife, SOS flashlight, army knife card, window-breaking pen, mini key lights, compass, whistle, and a storage box
  • Saves you more room and reduces carrying heavy loads of equipment
  • Multifunctional tool card acts as a screw and nut driver, can and bottle opener, saw, and knife
  • Pen functions as a normal pen, as well as for bursting cans, bottles, and windows

A true money and space saver. Grab your handy survival kit today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!

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