CrossFit workouts are intense sessions that bring great results. Since your hands are essential for many of the exercises, you need to protect them from calluses that can slow your progress. Gloves also provide cushioning for body movements and offer stability for wrists. Before purchasing a pair of gloves for CrossFit, consider these five points to ensure your success:

Easy on. Easy off.

A CrossFit workout contains an exercise routine pieced together in a particular way. Since these exercises are often timed or set up for a certain count, you move quickly from one to the next. For example, during the Fran, you perform Barbell Thrusters and then immediately perform Pull-Ups. To match this pace, you need a CrossFit glove that you can quickly put on and take off to accommodate each exercise. A small glove that covers your palms is often the best choice, since you can manipulate it easily.

Decrease sweat

The fast pace and high intensity of CrossFit workouts guarantees that you will sweat. Gloves should not contribute to excess sweat or make your hands sweaty if you need to quickly remove the gloves for an exercise. Consider a fabric that absorbs sweat, such as neoprene, which also prevents odor build up. Full gloves can create a lot of heat and sweat. Wetness can make it difficult to remove the gloves quickly.


Many CrossFit exercises use the number of repetitions as goals. Heavy gloves may slow down your ability to reach the recommended number of reps. Gloves that are lighter will not add to your resistance weight. Instead of hindering your progress, they will keep you going strong.

Stays in Place

A secure fit is important so you are not slowing down to adjust your gloves between sets, reps, or exercises. Your CrossFit glove should remain securely in place so you can concentrate your efforts on form to see results. Select a glove that fits properly without excess bulk.


Your CrossFit glove should accommodate your needs for many different movements. For instance, your glove protects your hands from the barbell during Power Cleans, and then also provides a cushion for comfort during Push-Ups. A full glove that covers your fingers and wrists may not be flexible enough for push-ups or burpees. In contrast, a pad or palm-protective glove comfortably fits your CrossFit training needs.